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TGO The Constant War Digital

TGO The Constant War Digital

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The latest and greatest version of The Great Outdoors - The Constant War — takes viewers and drops them right into the boots of the world’s best motocross pilots. Done in classic "fly on the wall" sports journalism style, The Great Outdoors goes far deeper and far more inside than any motocross film that has come before.

Unprecedented in scope, throughout the entire summer, candid moments are caught by the film crew, uncovering the real life truth and meaning of 2005 AMA National Championship Series.

Beginning with round one in Sacramento, California, the producers of TGO select an individual rider and his mechanic, attach microphones to them, then let the film roll. What results are compelling, intimate storylines portraying the human drama that is so much a part of professional motocross. Going places the ordinary fan cannot, TGO ventures far beyond the snow fence surrounding the racetracks of the AMA series to capture the good, the bad — the hope and the glory — of racing.

Along the way on the 12 stop tour, James Stewart sits down for an exclusive interview, not holding back about the emotional roller coaster ride that was his rookie season in the 250 division. Ivan Tedesco’s talks of exceeding expectations his rise to the top of the 125 class and . The iconic Doug Henry, once again, shows up before his legion of fans at Southwick, his heart on his jersey sleeve. Team KTM is shadowed at the Glen Helen season finale, which ultimately turns to be one of the most dramatic title showdowns in the 30-year history of U.S. motocross. And of course there is all the amazing high-speed and slow-motion footage that has made the TGO the most popular serial DVD series of all-time. The talent and athleticism portrayed by Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham, Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Mike Alessi, Davi Millsaps, David Vuillemin, as well as a cast of thousands, in the film are equal parts astonishing and inspiring.

But perhaps the most engaging segment of the TGO – The Constant War is that which features retiring veteran John Dowd. The crew follows the 39 year-old’s farewell Season where he says one last goodbye to his fans, friends and the sport that he loves. TGO - The Constant War is look behind the curtain of the relentless, never ending battle motocross racers must face against the elements, against each other — and against themselves.

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