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MXON Sixty Years and a Day

MXON Sixty Years and a Day

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The Motocross of Nations is the oldest, most prestigious race in the sport's organized history. Created shortly after the dark storm clouds of WWII, this great event has pitted nation against nation on a single Sunday afternoon since 1947. Each nation battling for national pride and the coveted Peter Chamberlain Trophy. On Sunday, Sept. 23, 2007, the 60th annual Motocross of Nations took placed in Budds Creek, Maryland. Only the second time this storied event had been held in the USA. With over 40,000 fans from all over the globe converging on the circuit to see if Team USA could beat back the world and win the race on their home soil. The producers of "The Great Outdoors" series were present to capture and record it all. They were granted unprecedented access by the event organizers, giving you the most up-close images imaginable. "Motocross of Nations: 60 Years and a Day" is packed with race action and countless interviews with this sport's greatest heroes. Watch and listen to commentary from greats such as DeCoster, Everts, Smets, Emig, and more. Listen in on Ricky Carmichael as he runs the last race of his career. Witness young Ryan Villopoto put on a performance that will be talked about for generations. Go behind the lines with Team Belgium, France, South Africa, and others as these great nations try to win the most storied race on earth. Witness new World Champion Antonio Cairoli's struggle with heat, humidity, and the American way of motocross life. This is an epic film that offers up the drama, pageantry, and patriotism that is the legendary Motocross of Nations.
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